Why have you changed?


“If you fear change, leave it here.” –Sign on a restaurant tip jar.

What have been the reasons for the changes you’ve made in your life?

Even though all life exists in a constant state of revision, some IMG_0262people are adamantly change-resistant. I confess I fall in that category. I am a creature of the routine. But the comfort and security that I think is achieved from defying change is deceiving—it’s an illusion. Everything and everyone is always changing regardless of anyone’s wishes.

We tend to fear and criticize new methods and what we do not comprehend. When the railroads were first introduced in the U.S., some people feared that the speed of railroad cars would cause brain damage in its passengers. Instead of illustrating a willingness to understand, apprehension can find us stubbornly posed like obstinate mules on their butts refusing to budge.

The readiness to be flexible and open to different ideas and methods can make living more happy and worthwhile–even more convenient. Today, is it possible to embrace changes in your day rather than defy them? –sn

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