Why Fun Is Important


IMG_2316Do you think your childhood was packed away when you boxed up those Lego’s, Etch-A-Sketch, and coloring books? Do you think the kid you once were ceased to exist when you stopped using crayons? It’s a mistake to think that the kid you once were is part of your past along with Charlie Brown sheets and Play Mobile Sets. That young girl or boy is very much a part of your life today. He or she shows up at work every morning. In every relationship you experience, he or she is present. It’s not true that at some point you cease to be a kid because your body morphs into an adult.

If you’ve been working day and night, with no fun, you may be out of touch with your inner kid. He or she is that child-like part of you that is spontaneous, silly, playful, and comical. Adult sports, hobbies and interests are all expressions of play where fun and laughter surface.

Author and Life Coach, Martha Beck, writes: Having fun is not a diversion from a successful life; it is the pathway to it. http://www.oprah.com/spirit/Why-You-Need-More-Fun-in-Your-Life-Martha-Beck

Don’t feel guilty for having fun. The time you give to an activity that you enjoy is d5804b95c88b361a7bde79e79ebc2f78a solid investment in good health and success. There are well-documented benefits of fun and laughter. It relaxes the body, reduces stress and toxins, helps to relieve pain, improves the immune system and circulation, plus stimulates hormones that release feel-good endorphin’s. Research also shows that fun and laughter strengthens relationships and can help defuse quarrels. Wouldn’t you sign-up for this?

IMG_2353Even in the midst of difficulties, injecting some fun activities and laughter can go a long way towards reducing stress and providing a fresh perspective during tough times. Participating in anything that is fun helps to give the problem-solving and thinking part of the brain a break and cues the creative part where insights and imaginative ideas live.

Think about it.


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