What’s your level of wisdom?


Seneca said before his death in 65 A.D. that “No man was ever wise by chance.” Throughout history that proclamation has remained true.

Intelligence may have genetic factors but wisdom does not – is voluntary. Intelligence is knowledge of educational subjects. Someone can obtain exceptional intelligence and a high I.Q., but possess no wisdom.

Wisdom is insight and repose learned from the experience of living. There’s no aptitude necessary before wisdom can be attained. But wisdom will not emerge in our lives unless we seek it—it doesn’t occur by chance—it’s a deliberate decision.

IMG_0682When we admit and learn from mistakes we attain wisdom. When we can feel remorse for a past encounter, we obtain wisdom. When we acknowledge our limitations, weaknesses, and flaws and can embrace humility, we gain wisdom. When we seek to love instead of criticize and to forgive instead of resent or hate, you capture wisdom.

A painful lesson is often an opportunity for wisdom. Some people see its light and receive the growth. There are times that wisdom is merely an open mind with a willingness to accept with faith the unknown.

The complexities of life teach us wisdom.¹ What level of wisdom have you reached in your life thus far? -Dr. Sandy

¹Karen Casey, Each Day a New Beginning, Daily Meditations for Women, by Hazelden Foundation

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