What situation in your life are you attempting to avoid?


I have to admit that when a problem pops up I tend to blop down–as if sitting with a sigh is going to summon my Fairy Godmother and her magic wand to make it all better. I just want to pretend for a minute (okay, maybe longer than a minute) that everything is okay. There are problems in life that can bring us to our knees. But the truth is avoiding a problem seems to imagesCA96EYD2just cause more misery.

In his best-selling book The Road Less Traveled, psychiatrist Dr. Scott Peck wrote, “This tendency to avoid problems and the emotional suffering inherent in them is the primary basis of all human mental illness.”

That’s quite a claim. Facing difficulties requires intellect and reasoning ability to seek out solutions. Sometimes we’re too emotional to be rational and need some time to process painful feelings before we can think clearly.

If we accept that life is difficult, it will no longer surprise us that it often is. We will expect struggles. We will anticipate problems and hardships. And we will be more prepared to problem-solve where needed. We can seek support and guidance, instead of avoidance. –Dr. Sandy


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