What do the people you hold in regard have in common?


What do the people you hold in regard have in common?

People who demand respect from others are often the very individuals who lack that feature. With no self-respect, they look to others to treat them with regard.

IMG_0544“Respect yourself if you would have others respect you.”¹ Individuals who have self-respect do not need to request or demand it from others. Self-respect is a trait that is evident in our attitude, morals, and actions; and it is the integrity in our attitude, morals, and actions that provides us with the respect of others.

Treating ourselves with dignity, honor, and esteem is not due to a sense of pride, it is due to self-respect. Pride is vanity, narcissism, egoism, and status centered. Self-respect is accepting ourselves—our strengths and weaknesses, talents and limitations, successes and mistakes. Pride denies or hides weaknesses, limitations, and mistakes. Self-respect announces them. 

What evidence of self-respect can be found in your attitude, morals, and actions today?

¹From The Art of Wordly Wisdom by Baltasar Gracian

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