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Problems anyone?


It’s been confirmed, I think, that the pace of life is out of control. Another thing that seems to arrive almost before I get started is the bridge I was going to cross when I got to it. I believe it can be confidently said that everyday life has become whack-a-doodle.

I sit with friends and hear about the dilemma’s and the situations they’re facing and I’m in disbelief. In honesty, I’m thinking: what the hell? Why are these horrible things IMG_0339happening to good people?

The truth is problems are not prejudice–they happen to good and bad people–to everyone. So, what’s our response when a problem occurs? Should we curse life with a closed fist? Do we blame the dilemma on someone or something else? Do we feel defeated and give up on life? Or, do we try to remain calm and look for solutions with the belief that problems are a fact of life?

What we believe about problems determine how we handle them. A problem is a situation that needs a solution. That’s all it is. Problems don’t indicate someone’s competency. Problems are a fact of life. If we’re alive, we’re going to have problems. Plan on it. Expect it. They’re not a surprise. I do know there are problems, that at first bring us to our knees which isn’t a bad position in seeking guidance and strength.

If you see a problem as a crisis, you’ll be too overwhelmed to seek good solutions. If you believe solutions exist for every situation then you’re more likely to address situations calmly with confidence.

Today, I wish you grace and resolve as you handle difficulties and deal with life. -Dr. Sandy

Do you understand the control that exists in your freedom to choose?


With every sunrise you are given another blank page to complete and add to your journal of life. The living context of that page is determined by outcomes from the miraculous power and force of your decisions.

Every thought you have, every thing you do today has a result. Do you understand the control IMG_0085.JPG (2)that exists in your freedom to choose? Do you comprehend the self-government you possess? Do you realize the significance of this privilege? Do you recognize the responsibility? Every day you write the script for your life. You direct your scenes by where you go. You author your lines by what you say. You set the stage, the view, the atmosphere, the temperature. You assign the cast–the people who will cross your path. You design the theme. You command the word action. And before you rest in sleep tonight, you will have filled in the blanks to today’s empty page.

What will you write? What will you remember? What will you decide? What will you choose?

Please share what this post means to you. Please forward to anyone you think could benefit from its message. Thank you! -Dr. Sandy