Is what you believe about yourself aiding…?


Is what you believe about yourself aiding your pursuit of happiness and success? The Russian physician and author, Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, said “Man is what he believes.” 

The most significant attribute in life is what we believe about ourselves. Every day we live according to what we accept as true. It’s impossible to conduct ourselves for a period of time in contradiction to our opinions—to what we believe. We can not act in a manner inconsistent with the way we view life.

IMG_0251People who are steadily gloomy and indolent believe that life is a constant struggle. Their outlook is to put into life only what is expected and yet they blame other people for feeling trapped and unhappy in their day-to-day routine. The weariness and apathy in their thoughts fade only when resentments surface. For a time anger rises and takes the place of indifference. People who view living as a wrestling match experience the outcome of that belief.

Those individuals who are consistently positive and jovial believe life is a miracle which has happened to them. Far from viewing life through rose-tinted glasses, they experience misfortunes but respond to them with the belief that they are isolated incidents. They see and believe the best in life before acknowledging the worse. As a result they expect good events to happen to them.

Pay attention today to the content of your attitude towards yourself and your life, and make the necessary attitude adjustments.

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