Is it tempting to blame-shift?


In what ways have you felt unable to experience happiness as an adult because of your days as a child? “It is an act of irresponsible self-indulgence to cite our childhood histories as excuses for any of our present behaviors, attitudes, or qualities that are less than healthy,” says Robin Norwood in From Daily Meditations for Women Who Love To Much. That’s a tough pill to swallow, but it’s the truth.

IMG_0326.JPG (2)When you blame your childhood for the shortcomings you display today, you imply that your anger problem, employment struggles, relationship difficulties, or other trouble, are not your responsibility to correct. To say that you can’t do this or that because of how you were raised isn’t the truth. It’s your responsibility to stop blaming your past for why life now is what it is. 

Whatever unfair circumstances you survived as a child are now circumstances in your adult life that you’re required to address and remedy. That’s a difficult calling, but a necessary requirement to have a shot at happiness and fulfillment. As a grown-up you’re no longer powerless.

Check for any excuses you may be using today to avoid accountability for your current struggles.–sn 

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