Do people blame you for their mistakes?

The two-word sign on my desk genuinely summarizes my whole philosophy: “I’m Responsible,” from Leadership by Rudolph W. Giuliani.
mistakeWhat is your attitude towards people who seem to consistently excuse their mistakes or blame their errors on something or someone else–maybe even you? Some people prefer to have a scapegoat for why problems exist. The truth is there is no blame, only responsibility.
Responsibility can be a scary word because it’s often connected to the words: failure and mistakes. Growing up. a lot of us learned, incorrectly, that failure and mistakes define our worth or adequacy. We grew up with the idea that responsibility was not a good thing, but rather a cruel task-master that grades our results with grim consequences.
When we cease to explain and justify our mistakes and take responsibility for mistake3errors, we demonstrate adult behavior. When we cease to excuse or rationalize our weaknesses and take a practical accounting of who we are truthfully, we demonstrate adult behavior.
It’s impossible for you to respect yourself if you attempt to give others the burden of our life. When you say I am responsible, you say that you commit to seek solutions and answers, not regret, self-pity, or fault.
Today, look for situations where you can say I am responsible, and then be diligent in brainstorming solutions and answers for any mistakes. This earns you the respect of people around you.
Thanks for your time and comments. ~In caring, Dr. Sandy

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