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What Social Etiquette Reveals About You


How do you treat other people?

Every day, it seems, I become upset by someone’s mistreatment of another human being. There’s always cruel words involved and a lack of compassion or mercy. It’s on the radio or in the newspaper or on the news–it’s everywhere.

It’s not difficult to show kindness. No expertise is required. It doesn’t listen1necessitate a lot of reading, or a college degree. It doesn’t even cost money–it’s free. It’s a social grace. One of the few humanity decorum’s becoming snuffed out, I fear, with the air of superiority from an increasing amount of people.

I understand how individuals can lose patience with social etiquette. They’re hurried with managing many aspects of their lives. Their busy seems to always be more important than another person’s busy. Plus, it appears they must save their polite and courteous actions and conversations for their friends or bosses, because they sure aren’t showing any social grace with strangers or who they consider nobodies.

10d69f3e-9b69-4700-9155-2f934eb05151-mediumAnd that speaks volumes. People who are unfriendly, or exclude others from their circle are usually conceited and preoccupied with their image. So they tend to be unkind to anyone they perceive as less successful. These are people who don’t tip waiters or bartenders or taxi drivers or hair stylists. They can be rude and demanding to those same people.

If you come across one of them, you might mention that every human being is entitled to the same treatment that he or she demands. Every person is entitled to respect, dignity, and kindness.

So says Mary Killen, author and columnist at The Spectator, “Having good manners boils down to treating others as you would like to be treated yourself,” she says. “You throw your civility and kindness on the water, and it comes back to you.”

Treating others with respect is an act of benevolence that comes back to you. That’s good karma.

I think that’s how it should stay. Social etiquette is good manners. And good manners know no social status. It belongs everywhere.

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What defines cheating in a relationship?


Trusting someone is always a risk. But at some point in your relationship, you should know if you can trust your partner based on observing how he/she has handled various situations and how he/she treats other people, especially how he/she treats YOU.

What defines cheating in a relationship?

The time to get answers to this question is before both parties become exclusive so that there’s an understanding and agreement prior to IMG_0355becoming a couple. Don’t assume your partner will have the same definitions as you when it comes to what describes infidelity. It should also be determined what the outcome will be if either of you break the agreement of fidelity. Decide if you will leave the relationship, and make that a declaration so the consequences are known beforehand. If cheating should occur, keep your word and follow through with the consequence. Otherwise you lose all credibility and self-respect; and your partner will think he or she can get away with it again.

Is this cheating to you? Is it cheating to your partner?

⇒Having lunch alone with the opposite sex who is a co-worker, or friend?

⇒Having “friends” of the opposite sex?                                                        

⇒Hanging out alone with a friend of the opposite sex?                              

⇒Flirting with the opposite sex in your presence or not?                           

⇒Kissing the opposite sex on the cheek or lips?                                            

⇒Giving a ride to a co-worker or friend of the opposite sex?

⇒Stopping after work for cocktails alone with the opposite sex who is a co-worker or friend?

⇒Touching the hand, arm, shoulder, waist, or leg or other physical contact of the opposite sex?

⇒Hugging the opposite sex?

⇒Sharing your emotional/sexual/private moments with a coworker/friend of the opposite sex?

⇒Getting caught in a lie when out alone for drinks, etc. with the opposite sex?

⇒Talking on the phone with old boyfriends/girlfriends?

⇒Exchanging emails with friends of the opposite sex?

⇒The use of pornography in your relationships via magazines, photos, videos, porn websites?

⇒The use of chat rooms with the opposite sex?

⇒Being more attentive to other women/men in your presence leaving you to feel ignored, embarrassed?

⇒Taking nude or seductive photos of each other with cell phone access and showing others the photos?PH01823J(p)

⇒Texting friends/co-workers of the opposite sex that are not work related?

⇒Being unwilling to show your partner any texts, emails exchanges with members of the opposite sex?

⇒Purchasing gifts for another woman/man, or trying to hide it?

⇒Going to strip clubs, getting lap dances, or other “services?”

Your thoughts and comments are especially invited on this subject. What is cheating to you?

Thanks for your time! Stay at it! ~Dr. Sandy