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Who is standing in the way of your dreams?


The American author Napoleon Hill wrote, “Until you have learned to be tolerant with those who do not always agree with you; until you have cultivated the habit of saying some kind word of those whom you do not admire; until you have formed the habit of looking for the good instead of the bad there is in others, you will be neither successful nor happy.”

belief16 - CopyIt seems so obvious. People who are demanding, critical, and pessimistic are doomed to a life of unhappiness and defeat. If they would only accept the reality that it isn’t other people who are standing in the way of their dreams; the obstacle is their own thinking.

People who focus on the worse are not able to attract the best into their lives. The more intolerant and demanding a person is, the less success he or she will reap. If you will today, practice respecting and accepting the differing opinions of others, speak of what’s positive in another person, and tag the good in situations, you will be well on the path of happiness and success. –Dr. Sandy

Do you long for past experiences?


In our head, the past seems to always look worse or better than it really was. You don’t have a past to live. You have a present to live. Mulling over regrets and losses from yesterday will not allow happiness and enthusiasm to radiate from you today. Jane Eyre said, “Remorse is the poison of life.”

IMG_0505 - CopyYet, it is important to experience a stage of self-solace after regrets and losses otherwise incorrect conclusions and unprocessed thoughts and feelings will prompt depression, emptiness, and loneliness in the present.

Do not allow today to be a day you will regret tomorrow. -sn

Are you feeling stuck?


We can get caught up in not wanting to make a move without another’s approval. But, it would seem then that we are not living our own life—we are living the life that others think we should be living. 

IMG_0525It’s important to tally some opinions that other people have to offer. Seeking the insights and perspectives of those close to you can be important. But, in considering your options, be sure to include what YOU want to do.

Sometimes, our choices are not going to be greeted by the agreement of other people. We need self-confidence and independence to stand against adverse opinions when we take action. If not you run the risk of getting stuck and doing nothing. 

Today, display both—follow your own path even if it’s disapproved of. Remember, if Columbus had an advisory committee he would probably still be at the dock. -sn

Can you find one element of your life for which you’re grateful?


In today’s world with unemployment, loneliness, illness, poverty, and crime, it’s easy to lose focus of any blessings in life. Everyone is hurting, everyone is imagesgratituderockworried, everyone is trying to make ends meet.

The negative aspects of our lives get so much attention and possess so much of our thought content, that we take for granted the daily blessings before us. Today, let’s stop and remember what we possess–what we hold dear today, and be thankful. -sn


Are you defining your life today based on mistakes made a month ago, a year ago?


“You are now at a crossroads. This is your opportunity to make the most important decision you will ever make. Forget your past. Who are you now? Who have you decided you really are now? Don’t think about who you have been. Who are you now? Who have you decided to become? Make this decision consciously. Make it carefully. Make it powerfully.” –Anthony Robbins

IMG_0468 - CopyAre you defining your life today based on mistakes made a month ago, a year ago? If all the past errors in judgment were erased and all expectations from others were invalid, who would you be today, right now?

Your future will be filled with negativity from the past only if you allow it to be poured into your current thoughts about yourself. Instead, take the wisdom—the positive—available from every mistake and mold that into who you are at this moment and who you want to be tomorrow.

Today, make that powerful decision—who have you decided you really are now? —sn 

What are you waiting for today?


Some people spend the first half of their life waiting for success and happiness to arrive, and waste the other half of their life citing reasons for why it didn’t. IMG_0565(2)These individuals are like passengers at a bus stop, waiting for their overdue ride to arrive. It doesn’t occur to them that often times, instead of waiting and waiting, it’s necessary to use another type of transportation to get going.

What are you waiting for today?

If what you need to happen isn’t arriving in a timely manner, get there another way. Try a different approach. If opportunity doesn’t knock, install a doorbell. -sn

Can anyone else use your abilities?


We all chuckle over this quote from Anita Roddick, “If you think you’re too small to make a difference, you haven’t been in bed with a mosquito.” But it carries a powerful message.

IMG_0205Can anyone else use your abilities? No. Can another person operate your talents, gifts, and skills? Not a chance.

You make a difference in this world. You don’t need to hold a powerful position or a certain financial status to qualify to ease someone’s strife or practice kindness. What you do matters. How you treat others counts. The words you use are important. 

Today, live like you matter, because that’s the truth. You can make a difference in someone else’s life just by what you say. –sn

Are you thinking about the past?


Author Dr. Gary McKay writes, “You have the capacity to choose what you think about. If you choose to think about past hurts, you will continue to feel bad. While it’s true you can’t change the effect past influences had on you once, you can change the effect they have on you now.”

IMG_0463It seems easy to forget that we’re in control of what we think about. It’s tempting to believe that the upset in our thoughts is someone else’s fault. Yet, that’s not the truth.

Albert Einstein concluded that one of the major discoveries to impact mankind in the 20th century was the finding that we have the ability to decide what we think about. If we choose to think about past disappointments and heartache, we remain looking backwards and remain in pain. Nothing in the past is going to change or be different. But today can be.

Today, choose to focus on thoughts that don’t represent the past. You have a future to live. You don’t have a past to live. You can’t move forward if you’re looking backwards. -sn

Where in your daily routine is your character tested?


Where in your daily routine can you become more aware of showing disinterest with kindness rather than rudeness?

If you do not like someone, you may look for people who share your view of that person instead of correcting a critical and judgmental opinion within yourself. If someone hurts you, you may find someone to agree with why you are entitled to be furious, rather than correct a resentful attitude and respond in a healthy manner to that hurt.

IMG_0233.JPG (2)There’s good advice from the Chinese proverb: Not even the fastest horse can catch a word spoken in anger. Attacking the person who attacked you does nothing to prove that you are a mature adult. Acting like the person who mistreated you hollows your self-respect. Reacting in anger can never make things right.

Remember today that your character is always put to the test and is always visible. Choose wisely. –sn

How were you rewarded for achieving as a child?


What are the ways in which you were rewarded as a child for achieving?

From little on, most individuals are taught to strive for perfection in their IMG_0281.JPG (2)endeavors. Teachers applaud kids that get correct all the answers. Family members cheer the child who achieves and accomplishes. Those who seem to do things perfectly are praised and favored.

Yet reality tells us that there is good, and there is great, but perfect does not exist on a continual basis. Since you may have been taught as a child to seek a standard that is almost impossible to sustain, you may have an inner conflict between what you believe you must obtain, and what you actually can obtain.

You need to determine how important a certain standard is in every situation. But determining the importance of a standard should not come from an inner critical parental voice that berates less than perfect efforts.

Are you daily battered with the idea of perfection? Today, recognize that good and great outcomes are respected and valued. –sn